We specialize in helping brands build and implement successful employee advocacy programs.

Businesses that struggle to prove value from employee advocacy programs have limitations in three areas:



  • A comprehensive strategy and program design that preserves important business controls yet enables responsiveness from experts in the social network.


  • A measurement framework to evaluate program performance and business results.


Whether you’re just getting started, well on your way, or not sure where to begin — We can help.
Brands Rising offers expertise and proven methods to raise the impact of your brand in these areas:

We’ll work with you to build a comprehensive strategy and program design that preserves important business controls yet enables responsiveness from experts in the social network. Your business goals set the priorities for program strategy, design and implementation. We’ll help you establish a solid foundation in the following critical areas:

Program Leadership

  • Program Strategy 
  • Program Design
  • Business Case
  • Program Management

Program Operations

  • Market Positioning
  • Influencer Strategy
  • Content Optimization

Program Standards

  • Social Media Governance
  • Social Media Policies and proceedures
  • Confideniatily, Disclosure and security


We’ll work with you to create an employee engagement model that identifies key experts, inspires participation and equips employees with the skills to succeed. Our services enable employees and partners to build reputation and influence with the goal of driving advocacy for the brand. Your employees want to develop authority in social networks, and we can help them gain skills for building networks of influence. We provide:

Education and training for individuals and teams

  • Instructor-led training on tasks, roles and policies
  • Community-based mentoring 
  • Executive coaching
  • eLearning curriculum development

Program and Community management

  • Recruiting and onboarding 
  • Feedback and assessment against program goals
  • Retention, rewards, and recognition

Social Network Analysis and Influencer Engagement Strategy

  • Social listening, analytics, actionable insights

Monitoring and Content development

  • Content creation, curation and distribution


One of the most common roadblocks to sustaining and scaling employee advocacy programs is demonstrating value. We work with you to establish performance measures so you can deliver quantifiable business results.

From measurement framework design to establishing the key performance indicators (KPIs) we’ll help you report the value of your program in 3 key areas:

Program performance: It’s cricitcal to continually assess the degree to which your internal capabilities are positioned to support your goals. We’ll guide you through proven best practices to establish and implement a successful program. 
Employee performance: Employees are your most valuable resource and their time is money. We’ll help you establish performance reporting that equips employees to take action, become more efficient and effective.
Business performance: Your program and the way you measure the investment should be guided by your business priorities. We’ll work with you to establish the a measurement framework aligned to evaluating how your program is achieving outcomes that matter for your organization.  

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that documenting a social media policy and giving permission to engage is enough. It isn’t. Effective programs have a solid engagement strategy and an implementation plan that includes governance and measurement. Likewise, to truly scale a program, it isn’t enough to simply deploy technology. Effective programs help employees build skills to engage and gain trust while managing risk, and use analytics to improve results. Brands Rising helps you implement your strategy across the organization to achieve measurable results.


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   - Enable employees and partners to use social and digital media at scale

   - Understand the skills, business processes, governance, measurement, and infrastructure required

   - Build the business case and manage the journey

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